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About us

Striving to seek new heights is an understatement as we continuously precede our reputation. Transfleet Limited is a construction and engineering company located off the old airport north road of Nairobi, Kenya’s Embakasi area. Transfleet Limited amongst many others is a part of the Mugoya group of firms that provides everything engineering from road works, structures, material production to bridges and water works. Time and time again Mugoya has provided its capabilities in creating the difference amongst its competitors in the industry. Currently we operate the largest quarry in East Africa aiming to produce 1 000MTPH material production. We produce quarry stones and range from our rock sand and screened dust of 0-3mm and 0-4mm respectively, to double crushed aggregate of 14-28mm. We have three batching plants located within the Nairobi area providing a convenient means of access to ready mix concrete of varying classes depending on the customer’s pre-requisitions.